4 unique benefits of using an onboarding software for employee onboarding

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Onboarding is one of the most essential parts of hiring new employees no matter what the size of the company is. A proper onboarding process for the newly hired employees can push things in the right direction and give the employee an ideal start. It is important to remember that onboarding new employees isn’t just about finishing the paperwork and giving everyone bulky copies of your company’s rules and policies. An ideal onboarding consists of giving the newly hired employees a clearer picture of your organization to help them set their expectations and goals more confidently. 

The best way to carry out an ideal onboarding process for your new employees in today’s world is to incorporate onboarding software to it. There are many essential components that make an onboarding experience great for new employees. Onboarding software can help you organize and handle these components in better ways. 

Here are the 4 unique benefits of using an onboarding software; 

Easier IT onboarding 

One of the most important but also time-consuming phases of the onboarding process is IT onboarding. Most businesses in today’s time work with their own IT infrastructure. When new employees are hired, they need to be added to the systems and platforms that the company’s IT infrastructure consists of. If you are late in carrying out this step, your business might even have to bear the loss of productivity since your employees will not have the access to the essential tools for their jobs. 

In a medium or large company that hires new employees frequently, onboarding software can do wonders for the company’s IT onboarding process. Through software, you can automate the whole process of getting the new employees registered into the company’s IT infrastructure. From entering individual information into the system to creating new accounts and sending the credentials to the new hires, onboarding software can make all things more convenient for you. 

Increased accountability 

It’s difficult to tell if an employee actually read through the flyer you handed them over. In an instance where the employee misses out on the material provided by the company, they will end up having gaps in their knowledge. 

Using onboarding software for onboarding your new employees can bring more accountability and engagement to the process. Ideal onboarding software can provide you with specific features to monitor the progress that is being made and keep track of the things that are still yet to be done. 

Consistency in onboarding different batches of employees 

In a scenario where the company in the question is a large enterprise, the chances are that employees are hired in batches and the onboarding process is handled by different managers. There can be inconsistencies in the onboarding process since it is handled by different people for different batches. This can ultimately lead to some of your new employees being less informed than the others. Onboarding software on the other hand can make sure that your onboarding process is standardized so that each employee is given enough and the same information. 

Easier remote employee onboarding

If you are a business that works with remote employees, onboarding can become especially challenging. It can become even more difficult if your newly hired remote employees are distributed globally. Since there are geographical limitations, a traditional onboarding process, that depends on the physical availability of the employees, becomes an impossible choice. Onboarding software enables you to carry out your perfect onboarding program through a virtual medium. Since everything is done in a digital environment, the geographical locations of the employees do not matter as the only things that they need to be a part of the company are a stable internet connection and a device to run it on. 


Onboarding the employees properly is more important than it sounds. Onboarding software can be one of the greatest tools to make sure that your newly hired employees start out with their responsibilities right. Using good software can help you create onboarding experiences that can help the employees settle down quickly. They can start contributing to your company as soon as possible so that minimum resources are ‘wasted’ during the onboarding process. 

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