4 Ways to Convert Excel Files to Pdfs Without Losing Formatting

Convert Excel Files to Pdf

Excel is a great tool for tracking your finances and even doing basic bookkeeping. But it’s not designed to work as an interactive PDF. For example, if you want to use an Excel spreadsheet as a sales presentation or give clients access to their account information through the web, you’re out of luck unless they have Microsoft Office on their computer. Fortunately, there are several ways to convert Excel to PDF.

How to Convert an Excel File to Pdf Using Adobe Acrobat

To convert an Excel file to a PDF, you’ll need to use Adobe Acrobat. To download and install Adobe Acrobat, visit https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Once installed, open Adobe Acrobat and select the file you want to convert by clicking on it once with your left mouse button (or holding down CTRL while clicking). Click on the File menu, select Save As and choose the location where you want the file saved.

In the Save As dialog box, choose PDF format.

How to Convert an Excel Spreadsheet to Pdf Using a VBA Script

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a programming language that allows you to automate tasks in Microsoft Office. You can use it to convert Excel files to Pdfs, either by creating an Add-In or by writing a script. The latter method requires no installation of additional software, but it’s not available on the Mac version of Excel.

VBA has been available in all versions of Excel from 2003 onwards.

How to Convert an Excel File Into Pdf With PDFelement

  • To convert an Excel file into a PDF, download and install PDFelement.
  • Open up the application and find the “Tools” menu at the top of your screen, then click on it to access options such as “Options” and “Preferences.”
  • Next, choose which format you want to use (whether it be HTML or RTF) and go through the various settings until they match your preferences exactly how you want them set up before saving changes by clicking on either OK or Save As, depending on which option is available when working with PDFelement software application programmatically speaking (or whatever).

How to Convert an Excel Worksheet Into Pdf Using Smallpdf

  • Download SmallPDF and open it on your computer.
  • Click “Add Files” and select the Excel file you want to convert into a PDF.
  • Select an output format and save the file as a PDF when prompted.[[br]]If you don’t see any options in the File Type dropdown menu, click “More Format Options” in order to see them all.

According to the Adobe Acrobat’s experts, “Keep in mind that depending on which version of Microsoft Office you have installed on your computer, certain conversion types may not be available for some versions of Excel files.” The converted document will appear in your downloads folder once it’s finished processing!

Hope this article has helped you to understand how to convert your excel files to pdf without losing formatting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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