5 best bad credit loans with no credit check

bad credit loans with no credit check


Credit scores have been a major determinant of the kinds of loans people take for leverage. You may have even been limited from taking some bad credit loans, after undergoing credit checks.

Fortunately, there are still many lenders who offer online loans with no credit checks. These lenders give you access to many online loans for bad credit , without undergoing much credit assessments.

In essence, the loans you will be getting are much independent of your financial history.

UnityLoan is a prime example of a standard platform where you can access loans for no credit checks. Furthermore, we have gathered other reliable platforms where you can acquire bad credit loans with no credit check.

Best lenders for bad credit loans with no credit check

Making some discoveries, here are some of the best platforms to acquire bad credit US loans with no credit check.


UnityLoan is a versatile loan service broker that is relevant for its all-around services. The platform functions by connecting people to a wide network of online lenders. Also, the broker only partners with standard loan companies, so you won’t have to worry about irregularities.

In essence, UnityLoan brings you good variety of bad credit loans, without checks that ruin your credit score.

How to access the packages on UnityLoan

UnityLoan  has a pretty straightforward platform and you can get started without much procedure. First, you have to visit it’s website and click on loans with no credit check on the menu. Then users have to select the bad credit loan option, to access the corresponding packages. Afterward, the broker will prepare and guide you through the online application process.

In summary, once your application gets approved by available lenders, you can choose a loan quote and get funded.


WeLoans is a standard brokerage that features all the regular loan services online. The platform, just like any modern broker affiliates with several lenders, where you can apply for a loan online. You can get bad credit loans on the platform without undergoing hard credit checks.

Also, WeLoans is totally reliable and offers the most sought-after loan packages including the following;

●     Payday loans

You can acquire Payday loans up to $5,000 WeLoans, with no credit check. Also, WeLoans can get your Payday loan application approved by a direct lender in a few minutes.

●     Title loans

Title loans are probably the easiest bad credit loans to acquire with no credit check. The package usually involves using an asset as collateral, to gain credibility.

●     Personal installment loans

Personal installment packages on WeLoans come with lower interest rates and don’t require instant repayment. You can choose this package for a longer-term solution to your financial needs.

In summary, WeLoans has attractive services that are also easy to use. Once you get to the website, just click on the “Apply Now” button to apply for a loan online.


USInstallmentsLoan is another relevant loan service provider with amazing offers and lenders. You will access a good range of bad credit loans with no credit check on the platform. USInstallmentsLoan also has a bit of a reputation, for offering very competitive interest rates among different lenders.

You can choose from standard bad credit packages like Payday loans, installment loans, etc on USInstallmentsLoan. Also, the platform has an average loan approval of 97% and you most likely won’t be left out. In addition, you can get started acquiring no credit check loans online with USInstallmentsLoan in two easy steps;

●     Application

The online application for loans on USInstallmentsLoan is pretty simple. You only need to fill out the application slides on the website with the correct data to begin.

●     Review and sign offers

After you might have submitted your application, you’ll subsequently have to review the various quote offers. Choose an offer, and proceed to sign the lender’s quote, and you’re done.


iPaydayLoans is a very usable loan provider with fast and reliable online lenders. The platform has been around for a couple of years, offering all the regular loan products. These products include bad credit offers with no credit checks from several online loan companies. You’ll get favorable bad credit offers on the platform, with soft or no credit checks.

How to get started on payday loans

Acquiring a bad credit loan with no credit check online is quite easy with iPaydayLoans. Once you visit the platform, click on the “Get started” button to begin the application process. After getting offers, just select and sign the most desired option, then await funding.


CocoLoan is base to a large brokerage portfolio, including very many loan products. The online broker is also known for its detailed platform and vast services. You can get access to several bad credit loans with no credit check on the platform, pretty easily.

Also, the broker’s network of lenders are bad-credit friendly and offer attractive terms.

In essence, there are lenders available to anyone hoping to acquire small loans with no credit check on CocoLoan. In addition, you can get started on CocoLoan by hitting the “Get my quote” link on the homepage.

Once you’re done with the application, just select and vet the chosen quote offers, and await funding.

Cons of bad credit loans with no credit check

Bad credit loans with no credit check are only advantageous with favorable terms. In other words, some poor loan offers can be counter-effective, bringing about many disadvantages.

The following are some negative realities that accompany some bad credit loans with no credit check.

  • High-interest rates
  • Loss of collateral
  • Further debt
  • Possible Bankruptcy

Final words

In all, Bad credit loans that come with no or soft credit check can be very useful. If you’re already encompassed by a low credit score, then loans without credit checks are much needed. You can get a loan today with UnityLoan and other renowned brokers without undergoing credit checks.

Also, it would be in any borrower’s interest to check for bad terms from, when taking a bad-credit quote.

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