Are Infinity Reels Slots Worth Trying?

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Slot machine reels stayed the same size for a very long time. For instance, a slot machine with 25 paylines and five reels didn’t magically expand to accommodate 1,000,000 wagers – also play Online Roulette.

However, the gaming business has witnessed many innovations during the past decade or two. Two of the most significant developments within this time frame are megaways and cluster payments.

In a Megaways game, each reel can include any combination of symbols. For instance, every reel could have a capacity of 2-7 symbols.

To the farthest extent, such a game may provide 117,649 different paths to victory. Multiplying the symbols on each reel gives you a huge pool of potential winners (7x7x7x7x7x7).

Games with a cluster payout structure often take place on a vast grid. A 6 reel, the 6-row slot machine, is one example of a possible layout for such a machine.

A mechanism in some of these games can also cause the grid size to grow. After several wins, the grid may expand from 6×6 to 6×10.

The development of infinity reels is the next logical step in this process. They don’t want to see the grid expand horizontally, so they add reels that shift to the right.

For example, ReelPlay’s El Dorado Infinity Reels adds one reel to the right if any of the following happens:

  • You have a winning cluster of 5 or more identical symbols.
  • Or, you add to a winning cluster that is already there.
  • In both cases, the rightmost reel must have at least one matching symbol.
  • The name of this feature comes from the fact that you can unlock an infinite number of reels in theory. The reels will keep adding to the grid until you stop winning.

What Makes Infinity Reels Worth Playing?

There are several good reasons why infinity reels have become so popular. The primary benefits of playing these games are listed below.

Innovative Format

An expanding grid of slots is a common feature in online casinos. The idea of expansion has already been introduced by megaways and cluster pays.

But infinity reels show this concept uniquely. By producing and expanding winning combos, you can keep adding reels.

The screen keeps moving to the right when these games win for a long time. As your winning cluster expands, a new set of reels will appear on the right.

An Infinite Number of Reels

Getting an infinite number of spins is extremely unlikely. But there is at least some chance of it happening.

The developers of these games, ReelPlay and NetEnt (who create “Infinireels” slots), don’t limit how many reels can be used. As an alternative, you can add an infinite number of reels.

You’ll need luck to increase the number of reels in a single spin from 10 to 11. Still, it’s fun to imagine doing so and walking away with a huge fortune.

Win Multipliers

Additional reels are not required to win big money. Bonuses that boost win possibility are also available.

You can always count on winning in the free spins bonus round of Gods of Gold Infinireels by NetEnt. These certain payouts put you on the path to expanding the reels.

Huge Potential Prizes

It’s possible to win a lot of money in El Dorado and Gods of Gold. The former may return 6,250x your initial wager. It’s possible to win $62,500 if you wager only $10.

The maximum win on Gods of Gold is 25,000x your wager (or possibly larger). A $10 bet can win $250,000 if you’re lucky.

Once again, your chances of winning the top prizes could be higher. On the other hand, the possibility of winning a huge sum of money is exciting.

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