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A well-known and well-liked DJ, social media entrepreneur, model, and Tiktok sensation worldwide is Charly Jordan. The Tiktok Platform, where Charly uploads videos in the categories of Lip-sync, Dancing, Lifestyle, and others, is primarily responsible for her fame.

Charly Jordan has always been more of a sporty personality who wasn’t very interested in entertainment or the arts. She did, however, start to get passionate about these pursuits. She then reasoned that she should try TikTok and show off her skills.

She found it simpler to get friends with other prominent titok performers and other famous people thanks to the substantial fanbase. She had the opportunity to appear in works by renowned photographers Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia. They are all incredibly talented photographers.


Now 23 years old, Charly Jordan. Her birthplace is Las Vegas, Nevada, and she was born on March 9, 1999. Charly Jordan is a Pisces by astrological sign. She is enrolled in a Los Angeles high school, according to her educational background.

She is American-born, of mixed ethnicity, and of the Christian faith.

Parents and family

Mrs. Jordan is Charly Jordan’s mother’s name, and Mr. Jordan is the name of her father who is well-known on social media. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, while her father is a businessman. Other than that, none of their other details are publicly accessible.

In addition, Charly Jordan has siblings. Due to the six siblings, the family is huge. With two younger sisters and four younger brothers, she is the family’s eldest member.

In addition, Charly Jordan is the only member of the family to have used Tiktok and achieved fame.


Charly Jordan has a gorgeous face and a really endearing attitude, both of which indicate that she is dating someone. Robert Graham, an entrepreneur in the advertising industry, was her first love. However, she later ended her relationship with Robert for personal reasons.

Later, she began dating Tayler Holder, a well-known social media influencer and TikTok celebrity in the world. He has more than 18 million active followers on TikTok. On the other hand, he was given the chance to join “The Hype House.” He also had the pleasure to work on the Dirt episode of the Brat series. He is an Alvarado, Texas, native. Sadly, Charly Jordan has broken up with Tayler Holder and is not currently dating him.

She is currently a single woman. Her exceptional personality and stunning physical features, however, indicate that she will eventually find another boyfriend.

Height and Physical Description

The height of Charly Jordan is roughly 5 feet 9 inches. She stands out from the bulk of females her height in terms of height in general. On the other hand, her exceptional physical qualities enhance both her on- and off-screen appeal. In addition, she weighs about 60 KG, has a body circumference of 33-25-35 inches, and a shoe size of 7 (US).

She is a talented female TikTok star in addition to being attractive. She has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a skin tone that is very light. She appeared spectacular in public as a result of her physical characteristics.

Career Charly Jordan used to be a standout athlete before beginning her career on Tiktok. She was a competitive player and had played soccer continually since she was young. Due to her stunning appearance and exceptional talent, her interest in the entertainment world shifted after that.

She decided to give Tiktok a try when it first launched online and made an account there. She then began producing videos in many genres and rose to fame on this platform.

She joined Instagram after Tiktok and started posting there as well. She currently enjoys enormous fame on her Instagram account.

She is also a well-known DJ, businesswoman, and model. She had the chance to collaborate with well-known companies like Revolve, Forever 21, and Pura Vida. She also made relationships with notable social media influencers. She even highlighted the photographic work of Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia.

She is currently making a lot of effort to gain more followers on social media. She is working hard to advance her entrepreneurial career, another important desire of hers, in addition to hoping to obtain an opportunity to work in the film industry.

Gross Value

Jordan, Charly As of 2022, net worth is predicted to be about $2 million. Following the growth in her fan base, it is anticipated that her revenue would rise in the future. Consequently, the net worth would grow in the future.
In addition, she makes a sizable portion of her money through her business and social media platforms. More than 4 million people follow her on Tiktok, where she has more than 6 million active followers. If we add them both together, it already equals 10 million. She receives lucrative brand agreements, sponsorships, sponsored posts, and other revenue-generating possibilities as a result of these factors.

Charly Jordan information

Charly Jordan enjoys the colour white.

She loves animals a much. Animals owned by Charly Jordan
Tom Cruise is her favourite actor.
Reese Witherspoon is her favourite actress.
She adores Spanish food.
She spent two years residing in Costa Rica.
Olivia Ponton, Carmella Rose, and other professionals in her area are some of her close pals.


Rwanda was visited by Charly Jordan. Despite the increased risk of COVID-19. She sadly tested positive and disclosed this online. On the other side, the fans heavily criticised her for choosing to travel in such a setting and didn’t enjoy it. She did, however, apologise for everything she had done wrong.

For her, the journey wasn’t all that simple. Instead, she will have to put in a lot of effort and attention along the road. The driving force inside her body, though, is something she never loses sight of. She became the most well-known and elite TikTok star in the world mostly because to this. She has launched other important projects in the interim, and these have opened up wonderful chances for her.

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