Choosing the Best Ways to Build a Strong Community in your Business

Build a Strong Community

Building a workplace community can be a lot of fun. Whether this is building one around new experiences and cultures, more formal events such as dinners, or putting a new twist on work and team building exercises, bringing people closer together in your business is great for efficiency, skill building, and employee retention rates.

Not only it can this be a key focal point within your company, and it can be the foundation of a strong, informed, and close-knit business full of friendships and laughter.

#1 Gaming evenings

These can be brilliant for bringing your employees closer together. If a lot of your employees have a very similar interest such as tech or gaming, you might find that something such as a gaming evening or a gaming event might be a great idea. By looking into unusual opportunities for your employees to experience, such as a VR Escape Room, you are putting a new twist on work events, helping improve problem-solving skills and communication, and having a good time together.

#2 Dinners

Going out for dinners with your employees or with certain departments can be great fun. It can be a great excuse to throw a formal bash, so don’t take too long to find a good reason to do one. It can be a good way to celebrate a good quarter, being on target for the year, and just generally bring people together to celebrate their joint achievement. It can bring your work community closer together and help to include team members that aren’t interested in friendships with their other colleagues.

#3 Team building exercises

Team building exercises can be fun, and inclusive, and they can also help you build a far more connected team. Of course, this is highly desirable in any workplace, regardless of size or type of business. There are some really fun games out there to try, even if you go for the standard exercises, such as building with spaghetti, getting objects from A to B in absurd ways, and master classes. These can be great ways to get everyone in your business to feel included, do something other than work in their team groups, and build trust and confidence in the people they work with.

#4 Cultural celebrations

Celebrating your employees’ cultural holidays is a great way to help build a more inclusive community within your business. This isn’t just Christmas and Easter, as you are bound to have more than just Christians in your workplace. This can be celebrating Jewish celebrations and Muslim celebrations. Not only does this mean that employees feel more welcomed into the workplace, but it also means that your other employees from other cultures and backgrounds can enjoy the festivities of another culture and learn more about diversity. It can be a great way to bring people together, boost morale, and give you plenty more reasons to celebrate and throw a party.

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