Dab Rig Bundles: What Things to Check Before Buying One?

Dab Rig Bundles

If you have ever smoked a dab, you would be aware of its relaxing properties. The first hit you take transports you into a world of pure bliss, dissipating all the pent-up stress at one go. Dabs are also known to decrease pain, nausea, and inflammation.

A dab rig is used to smoke weed concentrates, shatter, or wax. Concentrates refer to products that contain the most potent properties of the marijuana plant, like THC and other cannabinoids. Choosing rigs over other methods is good because you get powerful hits and inhale flavorful smoke.

Dab rig bundles are indispensable for dabbing; you should buy one if you haven’t done so yet. It contains all the essential items and accessories required for a relaxed and satisfactory inhaling session, from carb caps to torch lighters.

Without a bundle, you will have an incomplete and unsatisfactory experience. If you have never purchased a kit, here is some information to help you. Read it carefully before placing your order.

What does the package contain?

The bundle contains everything necessary for a dabbing session, including a six inches convertible rig, removable 14-millimeter quartz banger nail, carb cap, removable glass bowl, and a unique glass dabber tool.

Additionally, you will receive stainless steel dab tools that are useful for transferring the concentrate from its container to the nail (part of the rig where you insert the water pipe and heat it). It is better than using your hand because it lets you extract a specific amount of substance you want without allowing it to touch your fingers.

The package might also contain a  butane torch lighter, which is suitable for dabbing because you must heat the quartz to a high temperature for a long time without affecting the concentrate placed inside it. You can only do that with a powerful butane torch that reaches a minimum of 815 degrees Celsius.

What are its specifications?

Concentrate pipes come in various sizes, allowing you to choose one according to your liking. However, if portability is your priority, choose one with a height of 6 inches and a length of 5 inches and whose weight does not exceed 16 ounces. You can carry a water pipe of these dimensions everywhere, as it adjusts easily inside a standard-sized bag.

Why is a convertible bubbler useful?

It is better to buy a kit that has a convertible concentrate pipe because you also use it as a mini bong when you want to enjoy smoking your favorite herb or flower. To convert it into a bong, remove the glass bowls (most are removable) and the banger nail (ensure the nail is cool before you do that).

Things to check before placing your order

It’s good to check the materials used to make the rig. Although you can buy those made from plastic or rubber, it is better to stick with borosilicate glass as it can tolerate high temperatures without cracking or altering the taste of the smoke.

You should inquire if the torch comes with a warranty period of at least one year, as replacing one before that would be expensive and inconvenient. Amongst other accessories, check if the supplier provides a silicone container for storing your condensates before and after smoking sessions.

You must read the customers’ reviews to know what they think about the product and how many stars they have awarded it.

Dab rig bundles are necessary as they provide the essential accessories in one place along with the main rig. You should order one for yourself as the experience will be worth it.

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