Dent price prediction

Dent price prediction

Dent is the first decentralized mobile data marketplace in the world that enables users to safely and efficiently buy, sell, or give their excess mobile data. By allowing them to directly control how they utilize their mobile data, Dent returns control to the people.

Dent tokens, which can be used to buy and sell mobile data on the Dent marketplace, fuel the Dent network. With only 100 billion Dent tokens available, it is a restricted resource whose value will increase as the demand for mobile data rises.

Dent is distinct due to its capacity to establish a global market for mobile data. This will enable people anywhere to exchange their unused mobile data on an equal and open market.

Dent, the same-name cryptocurrency, was developed to upend the mobile data industry. The DENT token serves as the means to purchase mobile data packages. The DENT team is collaborating with numerous mobile service providers around the world with the aim of developing a global market for doing business with mobile data.

The present-day price of the token is $0,000701. The trading volume made $9 826 850 for the last day. We encourage you to check prices in real time at In the last 24 hours, the value got lower by 0,64%. The market ranking constitutes #266, and the market cap – $68 932 917. The supply is circulation is 99 007 791 203 coins, while the max one is not on hand.

Now, let’s have a look at the Dent price prediction for the next few years.

Price predictions for five years ahead

In 2022, analysts thought Dent would hit $0.000844. But as we all can see, that did not happen. This coming year, the team is promising to launch new initiatives and get new collaborations. This makes traders believe the price will up to $0.001758. Before making any positive wagers, we should, however, wait to observe if the DENT’s relative strength index moves out of the oversold area.

The market is super volatile, chances are bigger for the average trading value to be $0.001547 in 2023. The very next year, the price can soar by 247.86%, landing somewhere between $ 0.001419 and $ 0.002459. In 2025, The rise is expected to be even bigger by 671.66% with a price point of $ 0.001817 or $ 0.005456 (it’s under good conditions though).

By 2026, we believe the DENT price is anticipated to cross an average price level of $0.003657, with a minimum price of $0.003516 likely before the end of the year, based on detailed forecasting and technical analysis. Additionally, the maximum pricing value of DENT is $0.003868.

The price of Dent is anticipated to drop to a minimum of $0.005 in 2027. The DENT price has an average value of $0.005 and a maximum price value of $0.006. In 2028, Dent prices are anticipated to drop as low as $0.008. According to our research, the DENT value could rise as high as $0.009, with an average anticipated one of $0.008.

Dent will ultimately overcome its prior ATH values and set new price records by 2029. The price ranges from $0.005626 at its lowest point to $0.005977 at its highest point, with average trading one of $0.005766.

For a variety of factors, including the market’s well-known high volatility, price forecasting is problematic. Even though crypto experts make every effort to accurately estimate future price points, none of the projections should be regarded as investment advice. It is recommended to do personal research. Most anticipate that cryptocurrencies will be widely used in numerous industries by 2030. As a result, in the event of a bull run, the maximum DENT price in 2030 is predicted to be $0.006891, averaging out at $0.006610.

Where to exchange Dent?

At, you traders can find the environment to do business anonymously but securely. Users are not requested to create an account, removing any data leak from the equation at all. Some use it when working with Trezor hardware wallet. Users are not limited to trading volume, yet they are rewarded with fixed rates. This means when they begin the transaction, it remains the same all the time. 

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