Designer Glasses For Men: A Class Above The Rest!

Designer Glasses

Fashion accessories go a long way in enhancing your style and adding a touch of elegance. Each fashion accessory has their own charm and always has something unique to offer, and when it comes to glasses, they are one of the most intimate fashion accessories. It is the versatility that makes glasses even more amazing as you will find pairs suited for every mood and occasion..

Among the various types of glasses, designer glasses are considered a premium option. There is a special liking for designer glasses by those who consider quality as their foremost preference while buying glasses.

Have you seen Robert Downey Jr. in his classic browlines that he dons on several occasions or the striking tortoiseshell frames of Johnny Depp? If you want to make similar styles a part of your wardrobes, you have arrived at the right place. Here are the trending designer glasses’ styles for men that are a big hit in modern day fashion.

To buy designer glasses for men at pocket-friendly prices, you should check out the extensive collection of glasses online, and I can assure you you will definitely find a pair for your style needs.

Here goes the list!

Round Glasses

There is probably no occasion or outfit for which you don’t have an ideal pair of round glasses. Such is the versatility of this style that has all sorts of style elements.

What is guaranteed with round glasses is a classic retro appeal that is difficult to go unnoticed. And for those with angular face shapes, there is no better option than the traditional round frames if you need an enhancement of your facial features.

To keep up with the latest trends, you can go with the timeless metal frame round glasses that display a classic elegance. If you want to try out something contemporary, the round aviators with double bridges would be perfect. If you are confused about the colours to choose for your round glasses frames, you always have the option of experimenting with them.

Transparent Frames

Transparent frames are one of the coolest men’s glasses trends and you can’t miss out on them as they are at the peak of their popularity in present times.

Transparent frames don’t cause any hindrance to the facial features – thanks to their crystal clear glass-like structure. Talking about the styles that match perfectly with clear frame glasses, the edgy square styles can be a game changer. Your options don’t end here as styles such as the classic aviators with double bridge or round glasses in chunky acetate frames are also brilliant.

Recently, I bought a super stylish pair of transparent frames from Specscart – a Manchester-born eyewear startup in the UK – when I went over the internet to order men’s glasses. My glasses arrived within 24 hours after I had placed the order as Specscart offers a free 24 hour dispatch on most orders.

Oversized Frames

You can spot the trend of oversized frames all over the streets, and they are an exceptional style if you wish to take the funky route.

Although oversized glasses are simple to style and can be pulled off with all outfits, just ensure that they don’t cover your eyebrows and are placed above your cheekbones. Here is why buying designer pairs is beneficial as designer glasses provide enhanced comfort and fit.

Some of the best oversized frames for men are the geometric style with sharp angles and asymmetrical sides, and also the oversized aviators with a sleek top bar. You can put on a display of boldness by experimenting with playful colours.

Metal Frame Glasses

For a style that is elite and has a sharp visual appeal, the timeless metal frame glasses are a solid pick. With designer metal frames, you will also get a superb glossy finish that will go a long way in making a sleek fashion statement.

The versatility of metal frame glasses also needs a special mention as there are multiple pairs for all face shapes, occasions, and outfits. Whether you choose to combine them with the retro round styles or take the sophisticated route with elite geometric glasses, a classic elegance is guaranteed.


There is no stopping the super savvy browlines from constantly making it into the trending charts. Their striking aesthetic has a head turning impact and can take your style game a notch above.

The structure of browline glasses – thick upper rims with thin metal frame lining the bottom half – brings about a superb contrast with the focus set on the brow area. Although suitable for all occasions, browlines are exceptional when your style needs lie towards the formal end.

Browline frames can be complemented with round or square styles to keep things simple yet elegant. It needs to be noted that browline frames and tortoiseshell patterns are a match made in heaven.

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