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When the school year starts, the safety of children on playgrounds is usually an issue. The topic of altering the playground 메이저놀이터 environment by painting different colors on stairs or poles can be the subject of debate. Do you think to be the Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS), ask for modifications to playground equipment if your child or student has poor vision? Some will not say yes, as public playgrounds will not have the same changes. It is true. Parents, however, can bring their children to gardens that aren’t overcrowded and also take the time to help their children, mainly when it’s a brand new play area for them.

Answering this query depends on various factors, including but not only the level of vision, the impact of lighting conditions, glare as well as contrast considerations like the hue of the equipment relative to the background or the children’s pace. It is essential to consider school recess and the purpose of providing a break in addition to the opportunity for exercise and socialization. If a child with low vision needs to “work” on using their residual image, do we provide an actual break?

Many young children, either visually impaired or not, are reported to appreciate the highlights painted on their play 메이저놀이터 area. They often allow all youngsters to spot the drop-off or edge quickly, particularly when playing with their peers in motion.

Typically, stairs, drop-offs, or any other contrast equipment should be highlighted. Once the permission is granted by the school’s director and the COMS can collaborate with custodial staff to use the parking area paint or contrast tape to highlight the equipment. Below are some examples.

  • The silver poles on swing structures are usually difficult to spot, particularly when there is glare. Paint to create contrast can improve visibility. Below is a picture – the newer playset is made of bright blue and has excellent contrast, while the silver set was painted with yellow paint to add contrast to the background and make it more noticeable.
  • Paint or tape was added to the edges of every step of this colorful playground. The tape and paint provide more contrast and improve the visibility of kids running up or down and around the apparatus.

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