Hollywood Celebrity & Star Homes Self-Guided Driving Tour

Hollywood Celebrity & Star Homes Self-Guided Driving Tour

Hollywood Homes Self Drive Tour

Explore all of your favorite Celebrity Homes and hear about their famous owners! Take a drive between Sunset Strip to Bel Air and visit the homes of celebs located in the posh Rodeo Drive, luxurious Beverly Hills, and famous Hollywood Hills. From the iconic stars of the past to the current mega-stars the tour will speak about your most loved stars. Begin with a trip to the famed Hollywood Sign! Enjoy entertaining and exciting celebrities’ stories as you drive through the famous neighborhoods.

What is include the guided self-guided Hollywood Homes tour consist of?

Go to all of your favorite celebrity homes and get to know the celebrities who reside there! From the legendary stars of the past to the current mega-stars This tour will give you the insider’s scoop on all of your favorite stars. Visit the stunning mansion where Jay Z and Beyonce live. Learn about the “nicest person to ever live in Hollywood” and all the scandals.

Pick from a list of famous people Then follow the GPS to their homes and tell you their stories of them when you’re there! If you’ve ever wanted to discover more about the stars you love then this tour is the one the perfect choice for you. 

This tour features

Melanie Griffith

Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren

Baby Ashlee

Johnny Depp

Keanu Reeves

What can we do?

In simple terms, Action Tour Guide is an audio guide, map, and tour guidebook – all in one application! It is a GPS-enabled mobile tour that provides details based on your current location directly on your smartphone. You can take our walking and driving tour at your personal pace, and virtually at any point during the day! Time-based Validity

Do you need to change your travel dates? No worries! Every single tour is covered by lifetime validity.

No network is required

The tour runs offline which means you do not require your phone for the experience. However, we recommend downloading the tour from your hotel, home, or visitor center before heading out for a full-bodied experience.

The flight in the same way as a Hollywood Celebrity

When you’re a film actor, executive producer, and entrepreneur, the time you have for yourself is money. This is why having private jets that travel at Mach 0.80 (613 miles per hour) leverage to grow, compete and prosper in Hollywood.

Behind every grizzled star is a flight crew who make taking off from Tokyo and landing in Toulouse feasible. Meet famous pilot Randy and Director of Maintenance Paul. Learn about the challenges of being a flying movie star around the globe, overseeing an aircraft for a private company, and assisting actors to build their empires by flying through the air. The Aerospace Unplugged Aerospace Unplugged team asks these questions and many more. This is an episode that you aren’t going to want to miss.


Randy Parrott – Chief Pilot for Global Express

Shaiden Rogue  – Director of Maintenance at Global Express

Adam Kress – Aerospace Unplugged Host

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