What Are CBD Concentrates?

First, let’s go over what a CBD concentrate is, and then we’ll talk about the many kinds of CBD concentrates.

A CBD product with a very high cannabis content is known as a CBD concentration. Because they are powerful, concentrates can provide the advantages of a larger CBD dosage in less time than other forms of the drug.

Broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolated The three most popular kinds are CBD concentrates. The active components included in the extract serve as the basis for each of these divisions.

A very concentrated form of CBD called CBD isolate has nearly no other active substances produced from hemp. High-pressure liquid chromatography is used to eliminate almost all other plant components in order to separate CBD from other plant constituents. As a result, a powerful, 99 percent pure CBD concentrate is produced.

Full-spectrum Numerous substances originating from hemp make up CBD. To produce the “entourage effect,” CBD may also contain additional active ingredients such terpenes, essential oils, cannabinol, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Broad-spectrum CBD also contains a number of additional advantageous substances found in the hemp plant in addition to full-spectrum CBD. On the other side, THC is absent from broad-spectrum CBD.

Various CBD Concentrate Forms

There are numerous formats for CBD concentrates. CBD can be consumed in a number of ways, including by smoking CBD flowers, vaping them with a vape pen or vaporizer, dabbing them with a dab rig, or even blending them into food or beverages.

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Wax is soft and oily, just like candle wax, as its name suggests. Typically, butane or CO2 extraction is used to produce waxes. However, CO2 extraction continues to be the most often used technique since it yields pure, premium wax with a CBD concentration of between 65 and 90 percent.

Various compounds and synergistic phytochemicals, such as terpenes, flavonoids, sterols, and natural waxes derived from the hemp plant, are frequently combined with wax.

The wax typically has a deeper and yellowish hue. Since wax is frequently fairly sticky, most people handle it with a dabbing instrument. Depending on the kind, CBD wax concentrates can feel moist and honey-like or crumblier. The consistency of the wax during extraction will be substantially impacted by the heat and moisture levels.


Because of its strength, versatility, and bland taste, distillate is prized in the CBD community and is regarded as the finest CBD concentrate available. Distillate requires an additional filtration step in comparison to creating a conventional hemp extract, often known as concentrated cannabis oil.

Hemp extract is produced via CO2 extraction, which isolates cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils from hemp plant matter. Then, without using any solvents, this oil is distilled to extract terpenes, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids, usually including THC (commonly re-added at the end to improve the profile of the oil).

The liquid turns nasty and crystallizes as soon as the purity level reaches more than 60% CBD. Distillate can appear as honey, a thick yellow to dark yellow liquid, or completely clear, depending on how much refining was done. For CBD oils, edibles, and pre-filled vape cartridges, CBD distillate is frequently utilized as the base.

Using distillate, it is possible to make CBD edibles that taste completely natural. Distillate is also preferred over vape juice since it typically has no additives and gives a larger dosage with each pull. Vaping cannabis oil is another name for it.


Shatter is a CBD product with a high CBD concentration with a clear, crystalline, or amber appearance. It is made into thin sheets that resemble glass and is one of the purest forms of refined CBD.

Shatter, like glass, breaks and shatters into several pieces when subjected to pressure, hence the name. Shatter, however, melts and bubbles when heated, taking on a thicker, goopier texture akin to honey.

Although there are several methods for creating shatter, butane extraction is the most common. To increase the purity and potency of the finished product, shatter may occasionally undergo further filtration after extraction.

Live Result

A full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD extract known as “live resin” is created by flash-freezing newly harvested hemp buds. A significant number of volatile terpenes may degrade during the drying and curing process if this chilling step is skipped.

The final product has more terpenes and cannabinoids since these terpenes are preserved by freezing hemp buds before extraction. Because live resin successfully extracts the terpene profile from hemp buds, the finished product typically has improved flavor and automatic properties.

Live resin frequently has an incredible 90% CBD potency and a runnier, more fluid consistency. Because of its strength and flavor benefits, live resin is more elusive and pricey.

Final Verdict

While CBD oils are the most popular form of cannabidiol consumption, CBD concentrates are a relatively new class of cannabis products that are especially well-liked by users looking for substantial amounts. The most popular way to consume CBD concentrates is via vaping or breathing in their fumes.

The effects of the cannabis are felt right away since it enters the circulation quickly through the lungs. Hopefully, the information above clarified any queries you may have had about CBD concentrates.

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