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how old is biggy norris

The Norris Nuts YouTube channel, which is the well-known Australian Family YouTube Channel, has made Biggy Norris, a talented and young YouTube star, popular all over the world. The remarkable aspect of this family is that they have a variety of channels with more than 2 billion subscribers. Additionally, “The Today Show” and “The Ellen Show” were open to all family members.

Biggy Norris has some extraordinary skills that you should be aware of in addition to being a member of a Famous Family YouTube channel. For instance, he is a gifted and skilled skateboarder and surfer. You may readily comprehend his skills by watching several of his films on his YouTube account. In addition, Biggy Norris has achieved fame as a result of his father. The latter was a competitive swimmer who earned Australia a bronze medal back in the summer Olympics of 2000.

Little Norris Age

As of 2022, Coda (Biggy) Cee Norris, better known by his stage as Biggy Norris, is 13 years old. On January 30, 2009, he was born in New Castle, Australia. Biggy Norris was born under the Aquarius star. In terms of his schooling, he has finished his foundational coursework. He does not, however, intend to pursue further study because his career is already off to a wonderful start.

kinship, parents, and siblings

Little Norris His father is Justin Norris, and his mother is Brooke Norris. His mother is a former junior swimming champion and a homemaker by trade. Biggy Norris’ father, on the other hand, was a professional athlete who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics and took home a bronze medal. His parents are also listed as family members on the Norris nuts YouTube accounts.

In addition, Charm Norris, Sabre Norris, Disco Norris, Naz Norris, and Sockie Norris are Biggy Norris’ five siblings. They are all connected to the YouTube industry in some way. They are all working on the Family YouTube channel, which is assisting them in becoming extremely well-known. The oldest child in the family and well-known skateboarder and pro surfer Sabre Norris in particular.


Since Biggy Norris is only 12 years old, it is too early to comment on his dating or romantic history. He is currently exerting a lot of effort to succeed in both his YouTube and athletic careers. He is therefore completely focused on this and nothing else. However, he is largely concentrated on enhancing his abilities and working closely with the Family Youtube channel to advance his profession.

He’ll meet the love of his life when he’s 20 or older in the future. Why? Because he already has a winning demeanour and is successful. As a result, it would be possible for him to draw the attention of any girl.

Dimensions and appearance

Biggy Norris weighs 37 kg and stands at a height of roughly 4 feet, 3 inches. His height and weight are typical for his age, and they will likely continue to rise. Biggy Norris, though, takes his diet regimens quite seriously. Biggy Norris wears a size 4 shoe (US).

He has curly brown hair and blue eyes, if we are talking about appearance. The skin tone is white on top of that. As a result, his overall appearance is good and respectable. Additionally, he has excellent fashion sense.

Childhood and Career

Biggy Norris was born into a family with access to many well-known and gifted individuals. He inherited his love of swimming from his father, who competed for Australia and earned the bronze medal in the Summer Olympics in 2000.

These factors make it easier for Biggy Norris to establish himself as a prominent figure online. His father, who always encouraged his kids to participate in sports, was the reason he learned to skateboard and surf.

He is currently actively participating on all of the Norris Nuts YouTube Channels, each of which is based on a distinct genre. As a result, he is earning enough money from there. He also intends to compete professionally in skateboarding and surfing to represent Australia in the Olympics.

Gross Value

As of 2022, Biggy Norris’s net worth was about $300,000. He has mostly made this significant sum of money through his career in social media. He is generally a member of the Norris Nuts family YouTube channel, which has a net worth of around $21 million. This net worth is derived from numerous sources. So he has received his fair share from the Channel.

In addition, Biggy Norris has a sizable following on his own Instagram account. Consequently, he makes a tonne of money there as well. His background in athletics is also a major contributor to his high level of earnings.

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