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Everleigh Soutas is a charming and gifted social media personality who enjoys international fame. Her adventure began with an Instagram account where she displayed her fashion sense. Few people have achieved having millions of followers on their account at such a young age as she does. However, her mother’s reputation as a well-known YouTube celebrity has made all of this feasible. Additionally, Everleigh’s mother oversees her account.

In addition, Everleigh has a sizable following on the Tiktok Platform where she is active. Together with her close friend Ava Foley, she manages this account. Together, they produce a fascinating kind of entertainment that viewers adore. Her previous YouTube appearances included the Family channel, which has millions of subscribers.

Age of Everleigh Soutas

In 2022, Everleigh Rose Soutas will be 9 years old. On December 14, 2012, she was born in California. Everleigh’s zodiac star is in the sign of Sagittarius. If we talk about her education, she is currently enrolled at a local California school.

kinship, parents, and siblings

Tommy Smith is Everleigh Souta’s father, and Savannah LeBrant is her mother. When she was younger, her parents were divorced. Her mother is a well-known YouTube personality with millions of fans by trade. Her father, on the other hand, works for the engineering and building company Inter-sky.

In July 2017, her mother wed Cole Labrant, another well-known figure on social media.

Everleigh also has two younger siblings, a half-sister named Posie, and a half-brother named Zealand. Both of them are descendants of her mother’s second husband, Cole Labrant. But they all share a close link and lead contented lives. The younger siblings have also gained international fame and appear on the family’s Youtube channel.

Dimensions and appearance

Everleigh Soutas is a tall 3 feet, 11 inches tall woman who weighs approximately 26KG. She is a member of the white ethnicity.

When it comes to her appearance, she has blonde hair and grey eyes. The skin tone is white on top of that.

Childhood and Career

Everleigh comes from a household that is already well-known online. His stepfather is incredibly compassionate and has adopted him with a pure heart despite the fact that his father had abandoned the family. He therefore had the advantage to effortlessly become popular online.

Generally speaking, she started it off of Instagram, which her mother founded, and she is also in charge of it. Everleigh’s experience with Instagram has been positive, as evidenced by the fact that she has amassed more than 5 million followers. She now makes a respectable income from paid promotions.

After that, Sarah and her best friend Ava joined the TikTok platform, which was also successful for them. In addition, she joined Vogue Australia and had the opportunity to take part in the Kardashian Kids campaign.

Everleigh Soutas, on the other hand, is a recognised contributor to the Family YouTube Channel, which has more than 13 million subscribers. She gained recognition and a sizable sum of money as a result. Additionally, she collaborates with her mother on their clothing brand for children, which is growing in popularity in the US market.

Everleigh has aspirations of becoming a well-known actress. She is making a lot of effort to hone her acting abilities and join any project as soon as possible.

Net value

As of 2022, Everleigh has a net worth of of $2 million. She has mostly made this enormous sum of money through her profession in social media. The young Everleigh began her internet career by posting various kinds of stuff to her Instagram account. She has more than 5 million active followers on the platform. She therefore typically makes money through promoting various products and services.

In addition, she has an account on Tiktok that she co-created with her closest friend, Ava Foley. They collaborate to produce content of a different genre and have a sizable following.

Bio/Wiki of Everleigh Soutas

Quick View in Everleigh Soutas’s wiki

Everleigh’s Nickname

Everleigh Rose Soutas’ real name

Birthplace California

9 years of age

Birthdate: December 14, 2012

Instagram Star by Trade

Sagittarius is the Zodiac Sign.



Nationality American

Ethnicity White

119 cm is the height in centimetres.

1.19 metres, in metres

3′ 11″ in feet and inches

26 kilogrammes

Grey eye colour

Blonde hair colour

Tom Smith, the father

Savannah LeBrant, the mother

Zealand Brothers (half-brother)

Posie Sisters (half-sister)

Boyfriend None

No prior relationships

highest level of training attending school

As of 2022, I am worth $2 million.

Everleigh Soutas information

Ava Foley is Everleigh Souta’s closest friend.

Pink is her favourite colour.

She loves dogs a lot.

Burgers and pizza are Everleigh Souta’s two favourite foods.

Her preferred vacation spot is Disneyland.

Her main pastimes are dancing and travelling.

Her preferred performer is Justin Bieber.

Her favourite actress is Scarlett Johnson.

Her favourite actor is Johnny Depp.

Everleigh Soutas Relationship Status

Since Everleigh Soutas is only eight years old, she is not involved with anyone. She does, however, have a job that is developing quickly and a stunning look. She might therefore be dating a charming man who is in his late teens or older.

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