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Josh Richards has millions of fans on TikTok and is a well-known social media figure. In the internet business, he is a highly attractive and attractive personality. That’s why he’s famous and has so many female fans on his Instagram account.

Josh began his career in 2010 when he began filming films for the internet. As a result, he has travelled a long way to become a well-known figure. Things were not taken for granted for him from the start, as he had to make a lot of sacrifices and put in a lot of effort to get to this point. Summertime Dropouts and Brother’s Keeper gave him his first acting opportunity in 2018.

His TikTok account has amassed a large number of followers, likes, and shares. He was given the option to join the Sway home, which is well-known for housing many great TikTok stars. It’s a location where all of the world’s most famous social media stars live and create content.

Aside from that, Josh Richards is a bright, independent, one-of-a-kind, and idealistic individual. He possesses all of the personality traits that distinguish a person in the eyes of others. That’s most likely why he’s achieved so much recognition and success in the online world.

Age of Josh Richards

Josh Richards is a Canadian who was born in Toronto on January 31, 2002 (age: 20 as of 2022). He was born under the sign of Aquarius, according to his birth certificate. Aquarius personalities are idealistic, unique, intelligent, independent, and progressive in general. Furthermore, their categorizations are neither distinct, shapeless, or singular.

Josh Richards is a Canadian citizen of mixed ethnicity. He currently holds the dual nationalities of American and Canadian. He is currently residing in the United States.

Height and Weight of Josh Richards

What is Josh Richards’ height? At 5 feet and 8 inches tall, he is a towering figure. Josh Richards, according to the sources, weighs roughly 57 kg. However, depending on the circumstances, the data may rise or fall. However, the most up-to-date and reliable data supports the previous assertion.

He is 44-32-35 inches tall and has a body measurement of 44-32-35 inches. Aside from that, his biceps are about 23 inches long.

Family of Josh Richards

The social media families are always interesting to talk about in any setting. The stars would not have come here if it weren’t for them. In the case of Josh Richards, the same may be said of his success.

Josh Richards’ family consists of five individuals in total. His parents have two additional children, a daughter and a son, in addition to him. Williams is his brother’s name, and Olivia is his sister’s name. The names of his parents have remained unknown on the Internet because he has never published any information about them.

When he first started generating videos online in 2010, his parents and siblings were quite supportive. To allow him to succeed in life, his family must make several compromises.

Girlfriend/Dating Josh Richards

Josh Richards was rumoured to be dating Tiktok star Nessa Barret, according to many reports. Things began in 2019 when both of them grew closer to one another. Even so, both of them have been seen a lot of times in different places. That’s the kind of solution that allowed the media and his fans to simply judge his relationship life.

Nessa Barrett, as previously said, is a TikTok celebrity that makes material on the platform that includes lip-synching and dancing videos. Her official Tiktok account currently has about 14 million followers. Furthermore, the majority of her lip-sync videos feature pop and rap music. She is also a talented vocalist, having released her first single, “Pain,” in July 2020.

The news of their breakup was first reported in June 2020. There are currently no more in a relationship.

Estimated Net Worth

Josh is a popular actor and social media personality with over 24 million followers on his TikTok account. Josh Richards’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million in 2022. Paid promotions, Deals, endorsements, and other initiatives helped him make the money.


Josh Richards’ online career dates back to 2010. He received his first break, though, on TikTok, where he posted hilarious, lip-synch, and other types of videos. Josh Richards’s attractive and engaging demeanour earned him a celebrity in the eyes of a slew of young ladies. Meanwhile, he has a penchant for acting, which he demonstrates in her videos.

He appears in films such as Summertime Dropouts and Brother’s Keeper for the same reasons. Both films were released in the year 2018. He played a prominent role in both films, and he became the main reason for his public visibility and popularity. In today’s world, he has numerous options to be signed by various film producers.

Josh Richards Facts

He used to upload sizzling and steamy photographs on his Instagram account.
His interests include swimming, acting, and dancing.
He has a terrific relationship with his family and is quite close to them.
He aspires to be a movie star in Hollywood.
Football is his favourite sport to play.
His major cooperation was the Ani energy drink.
Females make up the majority of his fans.
Summertime Dropouts and Brother’s Keeper are two films in which he appeared.
On TikTok, he has a sizable following.
Josh is a Sway House member.
Her purported lover is Nessa Barrett.
His celebrity crush is Selena Gomez.
Lil Huddy was a source of contention for him and her GirlFriend.
He strives to be a positive role model for his fans.
The most prevalent reasons for his initial internet breakout are lip-syncs and dancing videos.
He and Bryce Hall are best friends who co-founded the Ani energy drink company together.


There isn’t a single scandal surrounding Josh Richards’ personal or professional life as of 2022. In general, no one has mentioned anything on the internet. It demonstrates that he understands how to make his entire career go smoothly and efficiently, and that he is constantly seeking to avoid all controversial situations.

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