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Social media has been growing at a rapid pace, revolutionizing the way we communicate and share information. It has become a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals to build relationships and engage with their target audiences. Social media tools enable users to create and share content and interact with other users in an online social environment. Currently, there are about 4.7 billion social media users worldwide.

Below are some examples of social media tools to utilize in 2022.


NetBase Quid® is an AI-powered social media analytics tool that helps businesses quickly and accurately distinguish between critical and non-essential business issues. This is accomplished by gathering a complete picture of internet intelligence from various sources such as social media, business profiles, forums, blogs, news articles, patent applications, consumer reviews, and more.

It can also integrate businesses’ CRM, survey, and other structured and unstructured data on hand and apply its powerful next-generation AI to analyze it as part of a big-picture output. The outputs are visually stunning as well as exceptionally informative.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a robust social media monitoring and analytics tool that lets organizations watch their competitors on various social networks. It delivers extensive insights into how rivals perform across critical parameters such as ad performance, engagement rates, and follower counts.

Businesses can examine the popular terms and subjects driving social media interaction in their sector with Rival IQ, which helps them stay current and pertinent. Users may keep one step ahead by being informed of competitors’ movements thanks to Rival IQ. This priceless information may be applied to social media marketing to help firms remain ahead of the competition.


Awario is a powerful social media monitoring tool that assists companies in tracking and analyzing online mentions of their name, goods, and services. It includes well-known social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo in its index of the internet.

Additionally, it appears on forums, blogs, and even photos. Awario’s sophisticated algorithms watch sentiment and find references in text, photos, and videos to give organizations insights into how their brand is regarded. With Awario, you can track and examine online discussions involving your company, its goods, or services, find hot subjects and influential people, and interact with consumers in real-time.


Photoshop is a powerful design tool used by professional and amateur designers. You can use it to edit photos, create composites, paint digitally, animate, and design graphics. With its powerful stylus, you can create realistic brush strokes and layers.

The tool may help you start a project on an iPad and finish it on the desktop, making it ideal for those on the go. Photoshop is perfect for creating everything from business cards to website banners and more. It’s an excellent tool for those seeking creative freedom and getting their brand noticed.


Canva is an online photo editing and design tool that allows users to create beautiful visuals for their projects. Users can access templates, photos, and fonts with a free version and a monthly paid option to create stunning visuals. The paid version offers more features, such as 3,000 fonts, removing backgrounds from photos, and a logo maker. Canva is an excellent tool for those looking to create a professional look and feel with minimal cost.


Social media tools are being used to build brand awareness, promote products, engage with customers, drive sales, and monitor conversations. Additionally, they track trends, measure the impact of a campaign, measure the performance of a website and its content, and optimize content for search engine optimization purposes. You can opt for free or paid tools depending on your needs.

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