Is EMS safe for your face?

EMS device

What are the benefits?

Until recently, facial EMS (facial lifts with electrical muscle stimulation) was something that you could only obtain in clinics and salons, an almost mystical therapy of muscle firming that offers fast effects. But now, it has become more popular and inexpensive than ever owing to the Venus Glam gadgets. All the benefits from getting a facial EMS include:

Muscle strengthening

Increasing blood circulation

Cosmetic muscle toning

Improves face muscle tone \s Lifts jowls and eyebrows

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces puffiness

Evens out skin tone and smoothes texture \s Improves face circulation and skin exfoliation

Encourages lymphatic drainage

Increases beauty gels and creams penetration

Acts as a sun damage treatment \s Enhances the body’s natural collagen and elastin production \s Re-hydrates skin and improves cellular metabolism (ATP) (ATP)

Tightens enlarged pores

You may check all the advantages from our treatments and equipment here.

What does EMS do for your skin?

EMS is used to stimulate the skin cell, boosting regeneration of collagen, to increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and make your skin seem smooth and healthy.

EMS has been discovered to be a terrific complement fat cavitation machine to the cosmetic treatments that men and women have been enduring for decades. Facial EMS can assist to renew your skin and promote a bright and clean complexion. It can also assist to decrease sagging skin and that’s why we constantly prescribe it.

So… Do EMS gadgets work?

Yes! Though EMS is more typically performed on bigger body areas, such as thighs and belly, it may also be utilised on the face. When administered to face muscles, EMS lifts, firms and shapes muscles, which are connected to the skin.

Facial EMS is also safe. Facial EMS has been scientifically confirmed to be safe and effective by major sport and beauty organisations. And no, face EMS treatments are not uncomfortable. The sensation of electrical current stimulating your muscles is odd but one most people get used to fairly fast.

It is vital to know that if you stop doing it, the results won’t continue. It has to be done often and long-term to observe genuine effects, since the results compound over time. And the before and after are far superior than anything else you’ve ever tried!

How to utilise a portable EMS device

All handheld EMS devices come with their own instructions and we always urge that you read the recommendations with your equipment carefully.

For facial toning, all you need to do is place the conductive gel on the contacts, switch the facial EMS device on and hold it on the region from 60 seconds to 15 minutes. Quite ofter the face EMS gadget will switch automatically off after being utilised. Your objective should be constantly to use it to feel the muscles being stimulated, thus it’s suggested that you raise the intensity until you can feel the EMS operating. It could feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll grow used to feeling the EMS operating.

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