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You’ll find romance and suspense in the romantic drama Love Unexpected. Worldwide praise for this love drama has been received. Despite being a Chinese drama, the subtitles allow you to fully appreciate each scene and feel the emotions. Due of its distinctive plot, many people think the Chinese drama Love Unexpected to be worthwhile seeing. The struggle of the main character, Xu Nuo, will be depicted. After an accident, the genius lost both his memory and his ability to feel. All of his struggles to get back to his life will be detailed in the drama. He needed extra security on this journey to keep safe, but it produced a lot of drama and romance in the narrative.

Everything in the plot will keep you interested and pique your curiosity about the upcoming episode. Xu Nuo was rendered emotionless by the accident and was unable to connect with anyone. But as the story continues, some events left him emotionally exposed 360 photobooth .

What Exactly Happens in a Romantic Drama?

The protagonist of the novel is Xu Nuo, who lost his mother in a terrible accident and spent years without feeling anything. While his mother died in the disaster, Xu Nuo was the one who was most affected. After that accident, three years had passed, but Xu Nuo was still in that stage. His emotional problem was getting worse every day, and he was suffering from it. The lead character in the Chinese drama Love Unexpected loses his emotions after his mother passes away.

Xu Nuo was unable to love, laugh, grieve, or relate to people. He lost the ability to emphasize with others because he was not in a place to understand their emotions. Even guilt and regret were beyond his reach. He consequently started acting brutally. He had little sympathy for other people’s feelings. He has numerous enemies in addition to being emotionless due to his attitude.

What followed was

Xu Nuo desired to employ a bodyguard after realizing that there was danger everywhere. Although there were numerous applications and the most of them were deserving, he needed to hire the finest candidate for the position. Ke Si Yi, an economics major, applied for the position despite the fact that she secretly wanted to be a fighter. She was hired because of her recruiter’s admiration for her quick reactions and refined senses. The additional security pleased Xu Nuo, but the violent methods his bodyguard employed did not. He feels distinct whenever Si Yi wounds herself while attempting to defend Xu Nuo. He wasn’t certain of this feeling, though.

Xu Nuo became uneasy due to his frequent interactions with the bodyguard and began to get an odd sensation. The protected and protector developed a bond, and Xu Nuo rediscovered his long-lost emotion. Additionally, he began to feel each and every emotion. For him, it unlocked a new universe of opportunities. Watch the romance drama to find out how Si Yi will respond when she learns that her recruiter is in love with her and how Xu Nuo will accept his feelings. Will she be able to accept and enjoy the affection? What are their options?

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