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When it comes to Toto sites, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Major Playground has been in business for seven years, and its reputation and success rates are unmatched. If you want to spend some quality time with your family while playing games online, you cannot go past Major Playground. Their site is safe and full of the latest games, and it has an excellent reputation. So, if you want a safe and secure place to play Toto games online,메이저놀이터is the site for you.

Large sandpit

A large sandpit is a popular feature of any major playground. It is typically constructed of chemical-free solid oak, and it is one of the largest covered sandpits. Its lid is easy to roll back into position and is even washable, so children can play on it without worrying about falling or getting hurt. Added storage underneath the lid is ideal for sandpit toys.

Climbing tower

A major playground climbing tower is a great addition to your child’s playground. It provides a great way to encourage cooperation among kids, develop social skills, and improve coordination of body movements. There are several different kinds of climbing towers available, including residential models and light commercial models. Before purchasing one, be sure to read the product description to see if it fits your child’s needs. It also should be sturdy and easy to assemble.


An alligator has been spotted at a Florida school playground. The school has contacted the Nuisance Alligator Hotline after learning about the gator’s presence. The school district is committed to creating a safe learning environment for its students. The alligator was captured at around 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Here are some facts you should know about the alligator. A: Alligators are large aquatic reptiles. They reach sexual maturity at six feet long. During the springtime, they perform courtship rituals that last for several hours. They then choose the nest sites above water and lay eggs that are 3.5 feet high and twice as wide as the mother’s body. They stay close to their nests for the incubation period and return to them if danger threatens their eggs.

Fire truck

The Fire truck at메이저놀이터is a favorite among kids. It’s a large play structure, where four kids can ride at one time. It sways side to side and can be climbed onto and off of. The spring-loaded vehicle is easy to set up, comes with ground stakes, and is made with a sturdy steel tube frame with safety-rolled edges. The non-slotted composite deck floor is safe for children to climb on and is made with a rubberized surface for traction.


A large, multi-sensory play area adorned with a beautiful castle is the perfect place to introduce your child to the magic of the major playground. The castle provides hours of fun and creative play and is designed to challenge kids’ physical skills and encourage social-emotional development. In this playground, your child will learn the importance of friendship and cooperation as well as helping others. Adding an interactive learning panel to the castle’s walls encourages imaginative play, too.

Metal slides for those with cochlear implants

If you’re wondering how to protect kids with cochlear implants while playing at the playground, consider installing metal slides. These slides will provide vestibular stimulation and core muscle workouts, while not interfering with the cochlear implant. While the playground can be loud, clear lines of communication are important for kids with hearing impairments. Having dry erase marker boards or chalkboards available can make communication easier.

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