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oliver moy

Oliver Moy is a well-known American social media influencer and TikTok celebrity. He began his social media career mostly on TikTok, where he posted about comedy and lip-sync videos. He used to receive many compliments from the viewers of those videos, and he was able to gain enormous fame and wealth as a result.

You can see him posting videos with his brother on a different channel in addition to his personal TikTok account.

The Young Star are interested in photography and YouTube videos in addition to Tiktok. You’ll essentially think his work is excellent and brilliant.


As of 2022, Oliver Moy will be 21 years old. His birthday is March 7, 2001, and he was born and raised in Florida. Pisces is Oliver Moy’s zodiac sign. Oliver Moy has recently completed his secondary schooling in Florida by attending a local school.

He is a Christian who belongs to the American nationality and mixed ethnicity.

Friends, family, and a girlfriend

lvaro Moy His mother’s name is Natalia Chacha, but the internet does not include his father’s name. Additionally, there is no information online about their parents’ occupations.

He also has four other brothers, Nick Moy, Alex Moy, Mateo Moy, and Sebastian Moy. Mateo and Sebastian are well-known TikTok stars with a large following on social media.


Oliver Moy is too young to be in a relationship, which makes it tougher to say. It doesn’t necessarily follow that she doesn’t find a girlfriend, though. It is obvious that she would find the love of her life one day because of his appealing features and charming attitude.

It’s likely that he is just starting out in his career and wants to improve himself in order to have a better future. Additionally, he might not be interested in relationships and want to continue working hard and being devoted.

Height and Physical Description

Oliver Moy weighs at around 57 KG. The specifics of the physical measurements, however, are not accessible online. He stands about 5 feet 10 inches tall and wears 6.5(US) shoe size.

Dark Brown eyes and Blonde hair characterise Oliver Moy. He also has a whitish skin tone on top of all that. The majority of his fans are women because of how handsome and distinctive he is as a result of all of his personality traits.

Childhood and Career

Oliver Moy used to be a regular person like anyone else in the United States of America before to being famous on Tiktok. He was attending classes and engaging in extracurricular activities like any other young person would.

Oliver Moy joined the app and began creating material when TikTok first gained popularity. He made a deliberate effort to grow the number of fans following his account, and now has more than 10 million active followers. His fame has largely been attributed to the lip syncs, duets, and pop tunes that make up the majority of the videos he has posted.

He has an Instagram account and had been using it since 2015. However, after going viral on Tiktok, the account began gaining followers at a rapid rate. Currently, he is really well-liked there as well.

In addition, he has a YouTube channel with a sizable number of subscribers. He used to post about the pranks and challenges videos on his channel. Additionally, he earns a respectable sum of money through YouTube’s ad sales.

He is currently highly driven and putting a lot of effort into pursuing possibilities in the film industry because acting is his passion. Consequently, we would eventually see him on television.

Gross Value

Oliver Moy’s net worth is estimated to be around $80,000 by the resources. Up until the end of 2022, it is anticipated that earnings would increase further. His social media account following has been the main source of his huge financial gains. However, he has ties to the entertainment sector, which is another significant source of wealth.

lvaro Moy

Oliver Moy information
Oliver Moy is a dedicated animal lover.
He enjoys pizza a lot.
His favourite animated characters are Tom and Jerry.
His fan base is known as Moy Army.
His challenging videos have the most devoted admirers.
His favourite signers include Justin Bieber and Drake.
His favourite band is Twenty One Pilot.
He enjoys riding Space Mountain in Disney World.


Oliver Moy has never engaged in any contentious issues or circumstances as of now. He generally has a positive outlook and is career-focused. As a result, he never expresses importance for or interest in other pointless pursuits and lacks any solid positive ties to his job or profession.

Personal Qualities

According to the available information, Oliver Moy has a very upbeat and creative attitude. His professional work reflects his personality, and he has a propensity to accomplish everything with vivid detail and artistic flair.

Apart from that, Oliver Moy exhibits extremely sociable and compassionate character. He makes an effort to always be as laid-back and amiable as possible, whether he is around friends, family, or fans. Why? Because he never wants people to be nervous or shy when they first meet him. Oliver Moy’s friends and family have always liked his unusual personality. However, his admirers have said similar things about him.

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