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Many factors need to be considered when planning to set up a primary playground. These factors include playground size, layout, location and safety equipment. Also, it is important to consider the number of visitors and how often the playground will be used. Ideally, 메이저놀이터  should be a large area with plenty of space for activities.

Playground cost

The cost of a major playground may not include labor costs, but it does include the cost of preparing the grounds for a new playground. For example, clearing an old playground and preparing the grounds for a new playground will cost approximately $1,200 to $4,200. This work must be done to ensure a level surface and no obstacles. In some cases, the land must be excavated and leveled to create a playground. A $5,000 to $7,000 septic tank may be required. While you can do some of these tasks yourself, hiring a professional is more time consuming and expensive.

Selecting a playground site is an important step in the design process. Access, drainage, distance to buildings and sidewalks, etc. must be considered. Additionally, consider whether the location can accommodate special elements such as inclusive playgrounds, music facilities, and local businesses and culture.


To ensure the safety of children, playgrounds should be designed to separate activities and ensure clear passages between them. In addition, it is necessary to secure a clear passageway for adult supervision. Also, the playground should be well maintained throughout the year. Playground equipment can wear out in hot and humid conditions and strong winds, so proper maintenance is essential to prevent deterioration and extend the life of the equipment.

Playground safety is important for children of all ages. Playgrounds are great places to exercise and get some fresh air, but they can also be very dangerous if not designed properly. Always supervise children and observe defective play equipment. Also, be sure to follow safety guidelines for playground equipment.

Playground surfaces are important safety features to minimize impact when children fall. The surface must be at least 1.8 meters deep and free of sharp corners and protruding hardware. Also, make sure that clothing does not get caught on playground equipment, and signage clearly states age and activity restrictions. Finally, make sure there are no lakes, cliffs, busy areas or other dangerous areas near the playground equipment. It is also necessary to install fences and thick hedges to prevent children from straying into dangerous areas.

Purpose of the playground

The primary purpose of playgrounds is to provide a place for children to engage in physical activity. Physical activity is essential for a child’s development and is an important factor in nurturing emotions. It encourages children to overcome difficulties and increases their self-esteem. It also helps children cope better with stress.

메이저놀이터  playgrounds are the perfect space for children to develop and express their creativity. It also allows you to express your emotions in a safe environment. Playing on the playground helps children learn how to control their emotions and deal with scary situations. You will also learn how to develop empathy and increase your self-esteem.

The purpose of a primary playground is to provide a safe place for children to play outside. Many children do not have an outdoor play area such as a backyard. Children are often not allowed to play outside due to poor transport links. However, research has shown that spending time outdoors boosts children’s moods and boosts their immune system. Children also benefit from fresh air and vitamin D.

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