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presley elise

Presley Elise is a well-known Titok Star and a social media influencer. She began her career on TikTok, where she posted content related to dancing, lip-syncing, and other types of videos.

She is a well-known cheerleader, dancer, and model in addition to using Tiktok and other social media sites. She unexpectedly took home the title of LA’s Perfect Cheerleader for 2016–2017. She also wins the title of Little Miss Louisiana United States for 2017–2018 in the meantime. Thus, we could conclude that she is already a talented adolescent.

It was incorrect to imply that her youth and cuteness were the causes of her current situation. She is standing where she is now due primarily to her talent and commitment, nevertheless. The best thing about this teen celebrity is that she never picks a specific item to share on the platform. She shared everything she enjoyed on her Tiktok account. As a result of the natural touch, many people adored her material.

Age of Presley Elise

In 2022, Presley Elise will be 14 years old. On December 8, 2007, Presley was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Presley Elise was born under the Sagittarius Zodiac. Her educational background is not currently mentioned on the internet. But given her age, we would anticipate that she is still in school.

Although she is American and of mixed racial heritage, she practises Christianity.

Family of Presley Elise

Jennifer is Presley Elise’s mother’s name, although Kade is her father. Nothing additional regarding her family member’s occupation is revealed. But we would anticipate that her father is either a businessman or working. Her mother, on the other hand, is a stay-at-home mom. She does, however, have a younger brother by the name of Preston.

She doesn’t want to reveal his family’s details to the public, therefore they are not online. If not, a family member would not have let or wanted her to post their information online. But they get along well since the young star always values and respects the freedom and support of her family.

Boyfriend/Dating: Presley Elise

Presley Elise is allegedly dating Eli Fuselier, who is also mentioned in the details. We discovered that he is on Instagram and Tiktok after seeing his profile details. He doesn’t have many followers right now, but we anticipate that he will gain a lot of them in the future. Additionally, there are pictures of him playing baseball with a team, thus we may assume that is one of his greatest accomplishments.

There are currently no online reports of their split. Since they don’t want the relationship to terminate for whatever reason, we would anticipate that it is generally healthy.

Dimensions and appearance

Presley weighs around 50 KG, according to the resources. This teenage TikTok celebrity has a body measurement of 30-26-35, a bra size of 28C, and shoe size 10 (US). Presley is roughly 5 feet and 3 inches tall in the last picture.

Due to her Blonde Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and Asian Skin Tone, Presley has a distinctive and alluring appearance. The majority of her supporters are teenage boys, primarily because of this.

Value of Presley Elise

Presley Elise’s net worth is currently between $50,000 and $100,000, but by the end of 2022, it is anticipated to rise. Her social media platforms, where she does sponsored posts, brand partnerships, endorsements, and more, are the main source of her significant income. She also has a YouTube channel that is expanding and is making money from advertising.

Presley Elise is a model, thus she also makes a lot of money from shows and other relevant ventures in the same field.

Childhood and Career

She became interested in dance at the age of two, and at the age of four, she started cheerleading. As a result of her years of practise, she is given the opportunity to participate in important gatherings. Fortunately, she took home the LA ideal cheerleader award for 2016–17. She also wins the title of Little Miss Louisiana USA.

Her fascination in cheerleaders continues. Why? because she registered for Tiktok when it first became popularity online. She uploaded about dance and other topics on the platform, which are popular video genres. She has almost 1.5 million followers right now. She currently has more than 87,000 Instagram followers.

She began receiving encouragement and job opportunities from the media after becoming so well-known on Instagram and Tiktok. She has created various regional company advertisements and collaborates with international designer Elisa B.

In addition, she has high hopes for starting her acting career on huge screens. She is therefore making a conscious effort to develop her skills in order to achieve it. Therefore, we would anticipate seeing her in a Holly Wood movie or on an American Top-Rated TV programme at some point.

Presley Elise information

With a million followers, she is the only adolescent with the name “Presley.”
Her favourite pastime is dancing.
She adores traditional American cooking.
Scarlet Johnson is a favourite of hers.
Her favourite vacation spot is Germany, therefore she wants to go there.
Her favourite colour is white.
She wants to make everyone happier and more optimistic.
Presley Elise’s behavioural characteristic demonstrates her warmth and compassion for her friends, family, and other people. She especially has a great deal of respect and compassion for all of her fans who have encountered her in public.
Presley Elise has an intelligent, trustworthy, and fair-minded personality. She is quite young, but she has the same level of adult knowledge about the world. She is aware of the sacrifice and commitment needed to build a career, to put it another way. She has perseverance and positivity ingrained in her. And that’s the main factor behind her online success.


Presley Elise does not appear on any contentious Internet topics as of 2022. She is so focused on attaining her life objectives because she is so young. She doesn’t want to cause a discussion by acting foolishly if she doesn’t have to.

Quick facts about Presley Elise

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