Prime Liquidations Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Prime Liquidations

The liquidation industry is growing larger and larger with the passage of time.  It has become a widespread phenomenon as people are getting more and more inclined to thrifting and reselling. Recently, it has become a trend to recycle clothes through this process or buying liquidated clothes or products to save money. 

But it is indeed a very smart financial venture to shop from liquidated products as the sellers or liquidators sell them for a fraction of their original price. And you can find steals if you look in the right places. But how do liquidation stores sell such brands and items for such a low price? Well, liquidation pallets are nothing but pallets of items which customers have returned. These items may or may not be completely new and functional, hence buying liquidation pallets or items always carries a sliver of risk. 

Overall, it is a good venture. If you are looking to buy liquidation pallets in Western Australia, or are looking for wholesale liquidation companies in general, you’re at the right place! I will be reviewing Prime Liquidations in this article. Prime Liquidations might be your perfect place to buy liquidation pallets in western Australia. It has warehouses in 4 locations in Australia, namely O’Connor, Warana, Osborne park and they also have a facility at Hendon.

Let’s find more about Prime Liquidations:


Prime Liquidation has different websites for their different facilities in Australia. They also have a general website for the whole of Australia. Their website is one of the most straightforward sites I have seen so far. It is very easily navigable and the user interface is simple enough to be used by even the least technologically inclined people too. 

The wholesale liquidation companies facility in O’Connor is spread over a large expanse of land, around 3500 square meters to be exact. And the company’s other websites have more information about their work and processes. A quick look through the Prime Liquidations warana website will show you that they only use materials which are sustainable, plantation and recycled.  

Furthermore, their official Australia website has a set of tools at the top right corner of their website. The first two tools lead to Prime Liquidations Facebook and Instagram pages respectively, while the third one leads to Google Maps to help the potential customers get an idea of where the facilities are located. 

Likewise, clicking on the bright red Contact button displays their contact number, email address and location on the left of the screen. And if you scroll a bit further, you will be presented with a template through which you can leave messages for the company, along with your name and email address to enable them to get back to you about your queries.


Prime Liquidations offers products that you can divide in mainly three categories: Indoor, Outdoor and Garden and Housewares.

Indoor products: Prime Liquidations indoor products range includes many Bali-based products and houseware items. From Bali door shutters to huts and Tiki huts, the company has a range of products that cater to those who are engrossed in Bali’s culture. 

The wholesale liquidation store also has indoor bar tools which are perfect for a mini bar inside your home. As well as bedside drawers, bamboo panels, home decor, artificial flowers, mirrors and a large variety of other indoor-sy things.

Outdoor and Garden: The outdoor and garden product category in Prime Liquidation’s website list includes items like tall stools, Bali door shutters, wooden couches, daybeds, mirrors, statues, plaques, teak roots, gazebos and huts, pots and vases, birdbaths and more. 

Homewares: On the other hand, the company has very limited options for homewares. 

Additionally, there are some hidden gems too that you will find if you scroll down. At the end of the page, click on the Browse Products link  there. Gorgeous cerulean flowered antique vase collections, Aztec vases in white and blue, palm leaf designed vases, water statues, bar stools and bird baths fill up the first page of this section. In the pages further on, you can find unique antiques like stunning water features, eye-catching lamps in shades of green, sitting pieces, Moroccan lamps, slab bars, buddha statues, and the likes.


The company has 312 reviews on Google maps. It is a great achievement considering how customers tend to shy away from reviews and ratings. The company has an average of 4.3 stars which is really not so bad. In fact it is a decent sample size and tells you much about the company and its services. One review mentioned how the facility in Perth is incredibly relaxing to look around. The person talked about the gazebos and Buddha statues that Prime Liquidations provides.

Another reviewer left remarks about how the Prime team helped him find the right unique boardroom table for his office. The staff even customized it for the customer and left him feeling satisfied with the purchase. On the other hand, some disappointed customers have left some negative reviews too. One such reviewer complained about the poor quality of the cupboards and the paper-thin wood used.

The drawers in their purchased cupboards did not close, and they had an overall bumpy and hostile experience with the team. But to Prime Liquidation’s credit, they did respond to the negative review explaining and offering help and assistance. This shows that the company at least cares about their customers (or reputation). And also that it is willing to help others and improve.


In conclusion, Prime liquidations provides a wide variety of antiques and items for the customers to take their pick from. And if their glowing customer reviews are anything to go by, it is the perfect place to shop for outdoor and garden features. Or if you are a Bali-fanatic, Prime Liquidations might be the only company you need. 

But in my opinion, the prices are steep for a liquidation company. Many of the items are priced for not a pallet, but a singular product. And the antiques, though incredibly stunning, cost upward of $100, some even touching the $500 mark. But even these are not the most expensive pieces. There are certain wood couches, statues and huts that cost over a thousand dollars.

While the website is incredibly easy to use and navigable, it is not very organized. I would say it does not measure up to the websites of the thousands of other wholesale liquidation stores in Australia, and over the world.

You should surely take a look at the products they provide through their website. But if possible, going directly to their warehouses would give you a better idea of what they provide. Because after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But before you make a decision, make sure to check out some other liquidation websites and stores. That way, you can be properly informed about what you are getting and what you will be missing:

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And while they don’t necessarily have locations in Australia, almost all of them ship internationally. And who knows, if not Prime, maybe you will find a better deal in one of these!

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