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The Licensee shall ensure that advertising, publicity and support activities of any kind and through any medium (including the Internet) regarding gambling activities are true and accurate. It should be exclusively for adult players and should, therefore, not appeal to minors. The licensee warrants that the Internet Website used to advertise, promote and operate gambling activities are not designed to be accessible to minors or links to other sites 토토사이트containing violent or immoral content. The license is issued on the assumption that the advertising and promotion of gambling activities may only be directed to citizens in countries where such activities are not illegal and that the Licensee’s services are not illegal under applicable Law.

The Licensee shall pay all current and future reasonably-estimated obligations in respect of the payment of prize money and shall make available at all times sufficient funds to ensure sufficient working capital to support its continued operation. The Licensee shall pay the prize money and the account balance to the registered player following an agreed-upon arrangement with the Customer Slot88.


Customer privacy and data protection, The Licensee is required by the Licensing Authority to obtain at least the following basic Personal Information concerning all prospective Customers: This includes name, address, and date of birth. Upon obtaining the necessary information and completing the due diligence arising from that place, the Licensee shall have the right to treat the Customer as a registered player on Toto토토사이트.

Accounts and audits, The Company shall control the bank account for the receipt, holding, or withdrawal of customers, funds, bets, prize money, or other money. The operation of credit card merchant accounts used in the course of business shall be fully and effectively managed by the Company. The receipt, processing, holding and clearing of bank or credit card merchant accounts and customer funds and credit card transactions shall not be maintained by Licensee in any jurisdiction other than Gibraltar or any authorized body of Gibraltar without the prior authorization of the Licensed Authorities. During the License term, the Licensee shall create an annual audited account with the License Authority to maintain financial records in accordance with any applicable law from time to time. In addition, the Licensee shall comply with all accounting and reporting requirements as outlined in the Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

The Licensee shall at all times be effectively controlled and managed by Gibraltar. The Licensee shall be requested, at the request of the Licensor, to submit a list (resume or other information as reasonably appropriate) of key persons, including shareholders, directors and executive officers, involved in the management and operation of the Licensee business in Gibraltar. The Licensee agrees that the management of the Licensee’s entire business will be conducted in Gibraltar and, in particular, the bank account to which Licensee receives, holds or pays the Customer’s funds, wagers, prize money or other money without limiting the generality of the preceding, shall be managed by Licensee. The Licensee shall fully and effectively manage the operation of credit card merchant accounts used during the business. Code of practice

The Gambling Commissioner is responsible for creating and issuing a code of good practice for the Licensee in its business performance and ensuring that the Licensee performs its business in accordance with the provisions of the Act. The licensee agrees to be bound by the Code of Practice issued from time to time by the Gambling Commission.

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