As a student, it’s ubiquitous that no matter how hard you study just before the exam, you worry and think about what will happen in the exam. Questions like will I be able to answer all the questions? Go around your mind; no need to worry. It’s pervasive approx. Every student faces it. Do you remember when you studied hard, thinking you would ace the exam this time, but in the exam hall, you found yourself in a situation where you knew that you had read it but couldn’t remember the answer?

Everyone has experienced it; I was also among them and always thought is all the students except me were talented. Then one day, one of my seniors told me to read a nature vs nurture essay essay. After reading the article, my life changed drastically. It said to me about the difference between inherited talent and the talent of hard work, but there is one thing between them: they are both called geniuses. After reading, I researched many things and concluded that if students follow these 10 tips, they can ace any exam they want if they observe them correctly. You might be anxious; what is the point of me telling you these things? Here is some good news for you. I am sharing the result of my research.

Write a summary of what you are reading

While taking notes or reviewing the topics covered in school, try to summarize the subject in your word. It will help you remember the subject for a long time, and you can make sure you have learned the topic perfectly. Have you heard people say that if  “You can’t explain your thought adequately, you don’t know correctly.” This quote proves that the concept of writing the summary helps you understand the topic well.

Know your priorities 

Many things are going on in life, but you should do things according to your priorities. Sometimes doing your assignments or homework is more important than revision. Sometimes revision can be more critical, and you can only decide on something more urgent.

Be fully prepared before entering the exam hall

Many things are essential to prepare to ace the exam, but the most important one is to be ready for the exam and how you can do it. Make sure that you have revised all the important topics before the exam because, in the exam, it’s not important how you have studied. The important thing is how much you remember.

Try to read the entire question right away

You should read the whole paper carefully before answering so you can choose the easy questions and answer them first. It helps in saving time, so there will be less Hassel when you respond. You also use the extra time to make your answer more attractive by highlighting the critical points.

Revise everything after writing

Ensure you do not miss any questions or make any mistakes while answering so that the teacher has less room to deduct the marks. It can also be a fantastic opportunity to improve your answer if you think you can.

Always make notes

Notes are one of the most helpful things in education. You attend a class every day in school or college and also in Cochin, so it is a hard job to maintain and remember everything in your mind. The best way to comprehend everything is to pick up a pen and note the important points and facts you learn. It will help you to recall this when you are revising the chapter. The note will organize and emphasize the information, so it’s beneficial because you don’t have to read blindly during exam time, and it will also save you time to cover more chapters and points.

Ask your teacher to solve your doubts

In India, we believe that teacher status is above even parents, and only teachers teach us to walk on the right path. Teachers are always there to help and encourage you. So, you don’t have to be shy to ask your doubts. Unless all your doubts are clear, you will face difficulties in exams. If you overcome the shyness of asking doubts, it will significantly impact your study, and it can also become the starting point for you to follow the rest of the tips. 

Take Cumulative exams

Cumulative Exam is one of the best options to revise your studies. It also helps you to prepare for the exam and bear the exam pressure. It helps you in analyzing the fruits of your hard work. 

Make a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle helps you to keep your mind fresh and energetic. Making a healthy routine and timetable for eating and strictly following it will help you to build your mental health and keep you vibrant. A night of good sleep and taking some rest keeps your mind calm and fresh.

Read each question carefully

In the exam hall, many people are missed out many questions or write the wrong answer even though they already know the right solution in a hurry, and there sometimes when you forget to see that there is no in a question and write a wrong answer, so keep calm your mind and read each question carefully.


These tips can help you improve your learning, manage your schedule, and teach the importance of asking questions. You know that studying gives you a better score and a healthy routine. Maintaining good health provides strength to follow tips. You can also get better marks by following tips on how to start and write in your exam. You can share the tips with your nearest one to get success.