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Every BMW comes with an innovative code (called VIN) for potential buyers to verify the vehicle’s status prior to making transactions. VIN is a unique code given to every car containing 17 characters. It helps you interpret the typical characteristics of the manufacturer, model, manufacturing year, engine type, and many more. 

If you’re inclined to purchase a second-hand BMW car, you must conduct a VIN checkup on VinPit, the best BMW VIN decoder, to save your valuable time and energy.

Are you a BMW owner? Your precious BMW vehicle also contains this 17-character long code, which reveals total loss records, maintenance details, market worth, fuel effectiveness, theft history, etc. As a BMW owner, you can also detect this unique VIN code in several locations, including inside the frame of the driver’s side door and the windshield of the driver’s side.

Let’s discuss everything in detail. 

Part 1: The Best BMW VIN Decoder: VinPit Overview 

VinPit is one of the most credible and useful VIN decoders that makes accumulating a car’s details hassle-free. In order to avail of your BMW’s information, you need to provide the car’s VIN, which will generate the report within a few minutes. 

Are you wondering what makes the BMW VIN decoder from VinPit the best? Its database is updated daily, implying you will obtain flawless information every time. Being a 100% precise BMW VIN decoding site, VinPit crosschecks every data carefully. 

Simply put, all the information you will be getting from VinPit related to your BMW demonstrates the genuine status of the car. So, what does this 17-character BMW VIN imply? In the 21st century’s 17-digit BMW VIN, the importance of every digit has been specified. Here are the 

detailed illustrations of the BMW characters:

Character 1: Manufacturing country.

Character 2 & 3: The manufacturer.

Character 4 – 8: Car’s brand, engine type & size.

Character 9: It’s known as a check digit to discover any forged VINs.

Character 10: Model year of a BMW car.

Character 11: Assembly plant of that BMW.

Character 12 – 17: Creative serial number of that car. 

So, with VinPit’s BMW VIN decoder online, you can make VIN deciphering easier! 

Part 2: Step-by-Step BMW-VIN Decoding Using VinPit

Do you need to locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your BMW? That’s great news for you! The VIN of a car may be located in a variety of quick and simple ways. The Vehicle Identification Label is a place to look at a vehicle to discover the VIN. Typically, you may find this tag on the dashboard or the driver’s side door jamb. 

On the tag, the VIN is mentioned. Checking the registration certificate or the paperwork is a second approach to discovering a car’s VIN. This is how you can easily obtain VIN. You may also search the web if you know the vehicle identification number. 


Finding a car’s VIN is possible on VinPit. This is a fantastic method to learn details about the vehicle, such as the year, manufacture, and model. However, the leading areas where the BMW VIN can be found are the following:

  • Transmission housing
  • Front suspension cross-member area
  • Right fender
  • Front door pillars and seat frame
  • Fuse box’s lid

There are several methods for locating the VIN on a vehicle. Whichever approach you decide to use, you ought to have no problem finding the VIN.

In order to obtain a BMW vehicle history report through VinPit, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start by visiting VinPit’s website.

Step 2: Type the VIN code in a specified field.

Step 3: Click Start Search to begin the decoding procedure.

Step 4: You may now download and print your result.

Part 3: BMW VIN Lookup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is VinPit – The BMW VIN decoder accurate?

Since VinPit obtains its info from the NHTSA, NMVTIS, auto dealers, insurance databases, etc., all the information you receive is completely true. The platform continuously updates its data, making it impossible to forge.

What details will the BMW VIN report contain?

The VIN may identify the iDrive head unit used in the BMW, which affects both the technology and connection capabilities available from the production and the interoperability with third-party renovations. Compared to more traditional or entry-level head units like CIC or EntryNav, head units like NBT and NBT Evo are equipped with additional functions.

Where to locate your BMW’s VIN?

The VIN of your BMW may be discovered engraved on the car. The most frequent places are the interior frame or jamb of the front door on the driver’s side or the dashboard next to the driver’s side windshield. To simplify the process of recognizing a VIN, keep in mind that a genuine VIN has precisely 17 letters and digits.

Is it secure to share the VIN of my BMW?

Finding particular details about a BMW is simple when you are aware of its special VIN. Because of this, including a VIN in the ad when selling an automobile is customary and typically recommended.

How can I determine what choices my BMW offers?

Maybe just asking VinPit is the best course of action. If you need assistance interpreting your VIN or individually matching a specific item to your BMW, VinPit is always available. If your car doesn’t have the factory-installed features you want, VinPit also provides retrofit upgrades.

Is the VIN checker for BMW free?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and VinPit all provide free VIN checks. These websites will perform a VIN check and provide details on the car if you simply enter the 17 digits.

Wrapping up

The VinPit tool, a free BMW VIN lookup service was described in this article. It is completely legitimate and gives you real reports with all the essential details about the automobile. A vehicle’s VIN number and seamless Internet access are all you require. Therefore, obtaining most of the car history data from a reliable and quick platform is hassle-free. 

An astonishing amount of information about BMW automobiles is accessible by deciphering the BMW VIN. You can quickly decipher a BMW VIN using this free BMW VIN decoder and receive a thorough report. 

Always ask the dealer for the VIN when purchasing a secondhand vehicle. In order to learn more about your second-hand BMW, like its age, make, and model, you might use a VIN decoder like VinPit. Additionally, you may utilize the VIN to look for any potential warnings for the vehicle.

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