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The Diana Ross Playground is located in Central Park, New York. The equipment consists of sandboxes, climbing ropes, tire swings, and other kid-friendly wooden structures. The park is named after the late singer in honor of her legacy. She pledged money in 1983 to build a playground for kids in the neighborhood.

The Diana Ross 메이저놀이터, which can be found on the Great Lawn in Central Park, is home to a wide range of exciting playground equipment. A solid wooden jungle gym is also included. The playground was built with money donated by Diana Ross’s estate.

Playground safety regulations

For the sake of the children who use them, playgrounds should be secure spaces. ASTM International is the largest voluntary standards development organization in the world, and it has published guidelines for playground safety. In 2010, ASTM established the Playground Surface Testing Method to meet the industry’s need for a standardized approach to evaluating playground surfaces from a safety perspective.

It ensures the safety of children, playground flooring must conform to stringent regulations. They need to be kept dry and clean, with no protruding screws or other hardware. Age-appropriateness of the equipment is also important. The name and number of the owner should be displayed on all playground equipment. Separate from the main play area, and at least two centimeters deep, a sandbox is an essential component of any playground.

Position of a playground

It is important to think about the neighborhood’s ecology when deciding where to put a large playground. You should fix any dangerous fences or bushes in the area. A shaded area is also preferable. Kids shouldn’t have to choose between going to the playground and avoiding the sun’s rays.

The ideal playground location can vary greatly depending on the intended use of the space. For the sake of the community’s children and their future success, playgrounds should be located in parks and other public green spaces. However, a playground may also be needed by local businesses, community centers, recreation departments, and private schools. Tsome municipal administrations actively promote the growth of precisely these kinds of neighborhoods.

Characteristics of a playground

Adding a variety of features is a great way to increase your children’s enjoyment of the game. For example, a playground should have several distinct slides available. Since most 메이저놀이터include slides, they are commonly associated with the MVPA. Without slides, a playground loses some of its allure and becomes less exciting for kids.

The budget is another critical aspect of playground planning. It may be necessary to reduce the playground’s features or size if funds are tight. The slope of the land is also an important factor to think about, as it will determine whether water will pool or run off.

safety in a playground

The dependability of popular playground platforms was recently examined in a study conducted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Playgrounds with ample lighting and grassy areas were found to be near-perfect, while those without fields or courts were rated as merely satisfactory. Most of the factors were found to be within an 80% tolerance range of one another. However, it is not known whether the reliability of the playground or the satisfaction of its users was impacted by the structural changes.

The study made use of the Bedimo-Rung Assessment Tool-Direct Observation, a 181-item instrument utilized by health and research professionals. The tool assesses not only the obvious features of a park but also its general qualities and potential uses.

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