What is a glimpse of chips in a poker game?


The only time players 메이저사이트  look at their chips is when they’re thinking of raising, and most of the time it’s because their hand has improved. This is what you see when you observe beginners, average players, experienced players, and world class players.

First, make sure the gaze is not acting. Having players focus on their chips while you think you’re watching is definitely acting. But the pattern of staring at your hand, then at your stack, then walking away can’t really be acting, because you don’t know if you’re looking.

Poker and computer expert Michael Wiesenberg provides correlative information. Bettors may look at your chips before placing a bet, but this is rarer than checking your own stack. A quick and short glance usually indicates that the player likes his hand and is ready to bet. On the other hand, if your opponent stares at your chips for a long time after looking at his hand, he may be bluffing.

Sandbagging means looking at chips quickly 메이저사이트 looking away quickly, and raising. Sandbagging can be a powerful weapon in poker even when you’re confident your opponent will bet. This is conceptually the same as staring at the flop. Our opponents know very well that the flop worked for them, so they don’t need this kind of research. You can’t catch a bluff in a situation like this, and you shouldn’t bluff either.

Instructions from actors

Before you use an actor’s ticker, you have to be pretty sure that the actor is acting and not just oblivious. If the player has reason to think you might be aware of some behavior and he benefits from you being wrong, it’s probably acting. Make no mistake, strong players are less likely to taunt you. As well as avoiding poker’s most common taunts, the world’s best players often try to cheat by betraying the more obvious taunts.

Being weak means being strong

If you can convince a poker player to have a bad hand when they have a great hand, they can win a few extra calls. Players go out of their way to look weak just because they have a strong hand. A player who actually has a weak hand never reveals it. Nor will the bluffer admit to being a bluffer. Because you are strong, you behave weakly.


By shrugging and then raising, you are suggesting that the poker player is unsure of his bet and that his hand may be stronger. Do not get on this bait. The only reason a poker player does this is because he has an almost certain winner in his hand. The best strategy is to only call strong hands, call most of the hands you would normally raise with, and don’t bluff.


Those who look away from the action are more of a threat than those who keep their eyes on the bettor. They don’t want to dissuade you from betting, so be prepared for a raise. There are no twos this way, so make sure your hand is strong before putting extra money into this pot. If you raise first, you may want to consider abandoning your bet.

What’s more, the quick look away after seeing the flop speaks for itself. Only play good hands and fold hands that look even slightly better. If you have a strong hand, let your opponent bet and don’t dare to bluff.

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